Thursday, January 19, 2017

BINGO! fpr MEE. one project completed (or not)!

Thanks to Marilyn D. of NB (and CMHH) for giving us permission to use our own take on the CMHH Bingo card for our club.

Sorry the picture isn't clearer.
We passed the original Bingo card from Marilyn around a couple meetings ago and asked for suggestions as to what we could change to make it our own and I made some changes accordingly.

We're going to run this for the next 17 months until June 2018 and see how it goes. I'm looking forward to it!

Shoot! One of the items on the original card was "make a readable mini book". But I dropped that in favour of something else so this won't count after all. 😒

Today, Leanne and I had an appointment at the office where friend, Barbara, works so I wanted to make her my "City of St. Albert" book. Got it done - then she was home with the flu!

But at least I did SOMETHING!!! It's been a long time!

I started with the 'already done' sheets. One of these days, I'll try to write up the instructions but they're pretty involved and don't know when I'll get it done. Anyway...

Here are the inner pages for 11 books:

And the front and back covers (on cardstock):

And the spines (on copy paper):

And here are the pieces cut out for one book:

I took the page strip and ran it over the end of my X-Acto knife (much like you would to curl ribbon)

Then, using the dull side of my X-Acto blade, I scored along the solid line between every second page. These will form the spine of the book.

Then I  very carefully matched up the scored lines and folded each of the two pages together, being careful to keep everything even.

Then I covered the back of the entire piece with a gluestick.

Folded everything back together then added the front and back covers.

Coated the spine piece with gluestick, then added the spine to the book.


Sorry the pictures are so poor. I was working on my lap in the living room which isn't exactly conducive to good pictures DUH. But I got it done in plenty of time for our appointment.

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