Thursday, December 15, 2016

What a blessed day!

You know how some days just go so well! Today (Thursday) was truly one of those days.

I've already told you about making the Christmas vignette for a door prize at the potluck Christmas party and even having time to take it to show my Mom.

The dinner was absolutely incredible - with LOTS of leftovers! Brought home some great turkey, ham, gravy and Marv's delightful pecan butter tarts! There were even enough of my cheese biscuits left over to take to Mom tomorrow.

After dinner, a few of us discussed whether we would advertise a condo New Year's Eve get-together again this year. We decided to go for it and I said I would put signs up on the bulletin boards.

So after I finished writing my blog about the Christmas vignette, I printed up the signs and went downstairs to post them.

The first bulletin board I posted on was right by the Put and Take Room so I took a peek in it. And found this wonderful angel!

I've never really considered myself a 'collector' of angels but I do have several in my bedroom on top of a bookshelf. The second from the left is one my sister Carol made me years ago and the others are ones I've collected from the Put and Take over the past few years.

Now that I think about it, I guess maybe I am a collector as I also have four more in a cabinet in the living room.

So I'm feeling pretty good about dinner, finding the angel and getting the signs up when I collect my mail.

I don't know about you but I get virtually no mail these days except junk and flyers. And, yes, I know how to stop that but just don't bother.

Well, I had a Christmas card from Hoanie Yong and her daughter, Savannah. In addition to being a friend and fellow miniaturist, Hoanie is an associate member of MEE and a dealer at our show and sale in September. Savannah helps her mother out at the Show and Sale and also volunteers in many capacities. Pretty great people.

Enclosed in the card were this beautiful personalized Christmas stocking and this wonderful hummingbird sun catcher. And I really noticed the angel on the stocking!

You can learn more about Hoanie (and get her contact information) here.

Just remembered! Took one of my gifts from Marie's 'stress reliever' box and it was a milk chocolate almond bar!!!

Some days you really need to count your blessings. And today I do!

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