Monday, December 19, 2016

OOPS! Some final cleaning. Cutting ping pong balls.

Well, I promised The Grandmommy that would post about cutting ping pong balls but I couldn't find not even one X-Acto knife! That's when I realized that in my recent clean-up, I didn't tackle my tool box. Put away a set of stain pens, 3 black markers, 3 gold and 2 silver Pilot pens, and a couple micro markers....then decided I would show the rest of the contents before I put everything away.

A mitre box and spare blade, hammer, hacksaw, my second good utility knife, sanding tool, clamps and cutting board!

14 paintbrushes, glue stick, 4 pair of scissors, my super glue, three clamps, my small easy cutters (that I needed the other day, odds and ends of tools, tape and lots of other odds and ends.

But only one regular and one large X-Acto knives! Guess the rest have disappeared into the black hole!
Got everything put away!!!

Pulled two ping pong balls from my stash. Both have a barely visible line where the two halves connect. The one on the left is the cheaper one and the line is quite visible on it. The one on the right was a bit more expensive so the line isn't quite as visible but I think I could see it well enough to mark it with a pencil.

Once you find that line, simply insert the tip of your X-Acto blade along it and follow the line around the entire ball.

If you go off the line a bit, just take an emery board and smooth it out.

Although I cut the one above with just the X-Acto blade, in the past I have started the cut with the X-Acto then continued with my smallest pair of scissors.

Hope this helps.

Now back to searching for the rest of my X-Acto knives. LOL