Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Have accomplished so much in the last two days...

Oh, my. It has been a long couple days but accomplished so much!

Yesterday I got 10 copies of "The Book" collated and bound. Delivered five copies to friends in the building and

five more addressed to friends ready to be mailed when the weather improves so I can mail them.

Took a look at my 'stress relievers' from DS Marie. Beautiful lacy gift bag with some lovely flowers in it and two facials!!!

I am weary, but so relieved to have the last 10 of the books done! It has been a long but satisfying journey. The bottom of my binding machine no longer works so I had to bind them by hand but fortunately I worked out a reasonably quick rhythm to that.

Between the book binding, I did some cleaning and put up my Christmas tree. 

I am REALLY frustrated because St. Vincent de Paul STILL has not come to take away my old couch and loveseat. I do realize that it's a volunteer organization and the weather has been SO bad but I want/need them out of here. Really hope they'll be here before the family comes for Christmas.

Another Put and Take treasure:

This great Dior box. Love the magnetic closing on the side.
Not too sure how I can covet the "Dior" name!

7 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 3 1/2"
Like the depth on this one! Most are only about 2" deep.

Now I'm in a time crunch! Tomorrow I have a coffee club Christmas lunch and gift exchange at noon then a Board meeting in the evening.

On Thursday I have our Potluck dinner. I've promised a Christmas scene for a draw so have to get that done!

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