Friday, December 9, 2016

Christmas vignette on the back burner for now..

I've been waiting for my old couch and loveseat to be picked up but that's just not happening and I cannot delay putting 'The Book' together. So I've crowded my living room a bit and have set up the folding table. Collating 20 books with 200 pages each takes a fair bit of room. It's hard on my back so I'll probably finish it over the next couple days.

The books are usually done in early October so I'm really far behind with them. Pushing the envelope to get the five that I mail away out in time for Christmas. 😟

My DS Marie sent me a box in the mail awhile back that contained about 20 individually wrapped gifts that I was to open when I was stressed. First thing I opened was a container of 3 Lindt chocolates! Yum!

Some of the others I opened have mini applications...what a wonderful sister I have!

Although the book is too big for miniature, the contents are wonderful. And the 3-D M will make a wonderful wall hanging in one of my scenes. It's 1 1/4" square.

All these erasers will make great additions to 'stress kits'. But thought four of them might make good wall plaques for my kitchen in progress. They're about 5/8" tall and a bit thick but will be easy enough to cut in half.

I think this will end up as a grater in the kitchen once it's cut down.

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