Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas vignette done

Hope I'm wrong but it looks like it's going to be one of those nights! Have some pictures of making the floor piece and adding the dusty rose carpet to it but can't seem to up load them.

And some pictures I was sure I had taken of the process, especially electrifying the lamp, seem to have disappeared.

But it's done and delivered so I'll just have to deal with the pictures that I do have.

If you'll recall, I finally decided to do this scene in a gift bag but knew the red one that was ready to go wouldn't work. But I found this green one that I think will go nicely with the pinks of the tree and chair. Fortunately  the walls weren't glued into the red bag so could use them in the green bag EXCEPT the red bag was fractionally larger than the green so had to cut them down a bit.

After cutting the front piece down to size, I had to remove the plastic temporarily so I could cut out the front of the bag. Then I taped the plastic back in place using double sided tape.

With the carpet in place in the bottom of the bag, I cut the foamcore for the back wall and  taped in in place.

Taped the front piece in place then did the side pieces.

I love using double sided tape because it holds the foamcore securely in place. I also hate it for the same reason.

I hadn't planned on adding the frame around the plastic in the front of the box but I was in too much of a hurry and didn't make sure the front wall was correctly in position. So the foamcore was too high by about 3/16" on one side and the opening had to be framed to cover the mistake. Although I think it's a nice addition.
The walls are white although here they are reflecting the colour of the carpet.
I decided to use the hanging lampshade from an earlier trash to treasure post to light the scene. The Nova LED light was added to the shade and the wires strung through a 2 1/4" small cocktail stirrer. This was suspended from the middle of another piece of foamcore and the switch and battery taped to the top of the foamcore. (Found the centre of the foamcore by drawing lines from opposite corners and using a push pin to put a hole where the lines intersected and fed the wires through that.) This piece became the ceiling of the room.

The tree was cleaned by spraying it with compressed gas and gifts were glued to the skirt of the tree.

The table is a House of Miniatures kit, the plate of fruit slices was a gift from Luba B. at our club's 25th anniversary celebration, the plates and tea cup are Chrysnbon. The cup is filled with some brown paint.

 The tree, table and chair are in place. I added a small gift bag at the back of the tree, a wreath above the table and a pair of Crocs in front of the chair.

And here it is with the light in place and turned on.

The ceiling is 3 1/4" from the top of the bag so it is closed by simply tying the gift bag cord handles together. It's quite simple to reach in the top and hit the on/off switch for the light. Everything is glued in place. It's relatively dust-free and easy to store between Christmases.

My down-the-hall neighbour, Ingrid, won it in the draw at our Christmas potluck dinner and I think she was pleased with it.

It was finished by 4 p.m. so even had time to take it over and show it to Mom beforehand.

I like doing little projects like this. Everything was from my stash so didn't have to buy anything for it (although I will admit to buying the Christmas tree at our last Show and Sale with this in mind). It was quick and fun to do. Now maybe that I've accomplished something, I can get back to all my UFOs.


  1. Your little scene is so cute and looks very easy to make. I bought some ping pong balls after seeing your post about making a lamp with them. I would like to ask again how and what you use to cut the ball in half.
    Thanks :-)

    1. I'll try and do a tutorial tomorrow on cutting the ping pong balls. All this cleaning and suddenly I cannot find even one of my probably dozen X-Acto knives!!! LOL

  2. This is lovely. Your neighbor was a lucky gal.

    1. Thanks Elise. Had a lot of fun doing it.

  3. What a special gift! And isn't it wonderful you already had everything at hand!

    1. Thanks. I'm really trying to use up my stash these days so it's always great to work with just what I have on hand.