Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Oh, SO close!

Showed you my desk earlier....

Cleaned up the pegboard a bit, put the paint away where it belongs. The three room roombox is in place with scissors, paintbrushes and glue behind it.

Back to the left hand side of the room...

where I have now moved in a card table with the kitchen roombox and related pieces...(one of my next things to be finished)

the clean desk and the first section of the right hand table/pegboard with the Michael's paint stand

the full view of the right hand side and pegboard

the bookshelf between the room door and the entry to the bathroom

Oh, how I wish I were totally finished with the job BUT still have this much to work on!

Probably about 60 pieces that have to be bagged and put on bulletin boards and about twenty that have to be shelvedl

Hope to have everything finished by tomorrow night!

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