Monday, November 21, 2016

Enough Already!

As you can tell, for the past two months I haven't done anything with my minis.

As my Dad always used to say, my 'get up and go' got up and went.

It's still not back but I've decided that it needs a kick in the pants from me so I'm making a conscious effort to do something.

First on my list, although not mini, is "The Book" that I do for friends and family as a Christmas gift so I spent the weekend getting all the pages ready to go. (I had over 100 emails that had to be transferred to word documents for that.) So today, I'm printing all the pages - about 4000 sheets of paper! Over the next week, I hope to get it all collated and bound.

THIS is what I need to tackle! Until I get this cleaned up, I can't really work on my miniatures. So hopefully, I'll spend some time each day on this.

You know that normally I don't post pictures of my workroom until after it's cleaned but I'm hoping that posting the pictures will force me to post pictures of my progress each day or so and shame me into working.

The first BIG job will be to sort through all the fabric on the 6' folding table and put it away. You may recall that I started this in mid-July so it's long overdue.

That in itself will make a big difference.

I did already tackle one task. I bought six years of old Nutshell News from Lorry's estate and I added them to my bookshelf. Gave any duplicates that I found to my friend and neighbour, Barb R.

Picked up this doll at Dollarama. She's 6" tall but think I'll be able to use her somehow/sometime.

This beautiful doll is 5 1/4" tall and if I ever do a scene requiring a bride, she'll be perfect! A couple months ago, Dollarama had the matching groom but didn't buy it so kicking myself over that.

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