Saturday, November 26, 2016

Coming wall just about finished

This corner was a nightmare that I've pretty much ignored in the past when cleaning. I just kept stacking boxes there and throwing my empty shoeboxes and lids on the floor in front of them....which meant I couldn't easily get into the bookshelf and paper organizers. So out came the boxes, shoeboxes, and most of the 'stuff' from the bookshelf.

 All the empty binders from the paper shredding episode are on the bottom shelf of the bookcase. On the middle shelf are a bunch of frames and another small paper organizer. The top shelf has some foam core panel samples, more picture frames, some paper and my box of greeting cards.

I moved the three room roombox back from the laundry room and put it vertically next to the tall bookshelf on the left wall. There's a half paper box on top filled with bubble wrap and each 'room' holds three shoeboxes. Some contain room specific collections and others contain such things as mirrors, veneers, scraps of mat board, wool/knitting needles, etc.

On the second shelf from the bottom of the tall bookshelf, there was a large stack of matboard that stuck WAY out from the shelf. The smallest scraps went into a shoebox, others went into an envelope and the biggest pieces (and the envelope) went between the roombox and the short bookshelf.

Paper boxes are one of my favourite storage places. I had four of them that I had no need for right now so I put them in a clear bag and put them in my storage area in the underground parking area.

I put the smaller storage boxes in paper boxes and stored them all under my desk.

 This is the tall bookshelf near the end of the left wall. It still requires some tidying but basically it holds my paints, spackle, nail polish, markers and small storage containers. There's room on the second shelf from the bottom for more shoeboxes and the bottom shelf has the unused shoeboxes and a box of miscellaneous cords and connectors. The two black binders contain carpets and tiles in plastic sheet protectors.

Into the bottom shelf of the first section of Dad's shelving unit, I've moved several roomboxes and glass sheets and turntables. This area is kept behind the microwave cabinet that holds my RL tools and things. Just hope that out of sight doesn't turn into out of mind when I'm looking for a container for a scene.

Most of the 'big' stuff is done now but the remaining work is going to take a lot of time and effort.

I will have to keep reminding myself of how much I have accomplished so far and not think about how much is left.

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