Thursday, November 24, 2016

Coming along

Got the table folded and put away where it belongs. Now to tackle some more! Still looks pretty disastrous!

Emptied these binders and shredded the contents! Took a better part of the day but will make a big difference.

And here's the garbage so far!

Awhile back, I put my multi-room roomboxes in front of the shelving and, of course, piled more 'stuff' on them. Now I've moved them back into the laundry room.

My Dad built these shelves for his library and, after he died, I bought them at Mom's garage sale when she sold their house and moved into a condo.

They're 8' long and have shelves of varying depth. Using piano hinges, I also added 23" wide bulletin boards on either side of the shelving. The top of the shelving is 11" deep, then the shelves are 5", 5", 7 1/4", 8", 11" and 11".

I keep an old microwave stand (that holds RL tools, drop cloths and light bulbs) in front of this end of the shelving so I try to keep less used things in this end. So I think I'll move the roomboxes from the middle bottom shelf to the far left.

It'll take longer than I had planned on to move things around (to hopefully better positions) and make room for some things that need to be put away but I think it'll be worth it in the long run.

I really like that Dad made the upper shelves less deep as that makes them better for displaying pieces of furniture.

The very top is used to store "someday" things.

That's only 8' of a 17' wall so there is more to come.

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