Thursday, October 20, 2016

Doodads and doohickeys.....

My friend and fellow miniaturist came down on Tuesday and we caught up on mini things.

She also brought down a package of IV clips and asked if I had any idea what they could be used for. Nothing occurred to me but I said I would take them to club and ask for input. So at the beginning of the meeting, I passed two of them around with a sheet of paper.

1 1/8" x 1/2"

  • legs for dolls, elves' feet
  • stacked and trimmed, they could be trays
  • table legs
  • mandolin (the slicing kind)
  • lined up for a fence
  • on their sides for a fence in 1:48
  • snow shoes
  • 1:48 scale curtains (upright with opening at the bottom)
  • used to hold a light fixture
  • a chair back (slats)
  • sign post: upright with a toothpick up the centre and paper on both sides. Add a base of a circle of foamcare.
  • undermount wine glass holder

The answers were read aloud at the end of the meeting.

This was a lot of fun and quite enlightening so we've decided to do it at each meeting.

Tina has a doohickey at home that she's wondering what to make of so she will bring that to the next meeting.


  1. Que cantidad de utilidades para un pequeño objeto!! Eso es pensar en miniatura!

    1. ¿Qué diversión! Un montón de ideas diferentes. Abrazos.