Wednesday, September 14, 2016

DEALERS - Show and Sale on Sunday, September 18

I am SO sorry that I have not kept you up to date on our dealers (other than posting the entire list).

Dealers that I have highlighted so far are:

Barb Streithorst (Bits by Barb)

Victoria Miniland 

Sherri MacRaild

Rosalle Pinske (NeedleArt 

Tina MacDonald (Miniature Minutiae)

Judy Mitchell

Hoanie Yong (Live a Little Miniatures)

Another World Miniatures (Linda Maddaford and Bev Perret)

Janice Crawley

Collection of Jane Miles

VAL CORRAINI has joined us again from Calgary. She has dollhouse items and dolls in 1:12 scale.

REENIE DESARKER A former member of M.E.E., Reenie is bringing 1:12 scale hand made miniatures (food, books, toys, etc.) Among other things, Reenie has some wonderful latex rubber boots.

LUBA BARNES Luba has joined us again with her great collection of miniature furniture, wallpaper, accessories, handmade items and tools. She is also the representative of N.A.M.E. and will have a table to represent that.

LINDA AUSTIN (Representing herself as Wee Woolies and her sister, Brenda Demone as Bren's Miniature Pottery) Crochet work, plants, pottery in 1:12, 1:24 and 1:48 scale. Brenda's pottery is really lovely.

SUE LEFEBVRE After a year away, Sue has once again joins us from Calgary with her wonderful miniature accessories in 1:12 scale.

IRENE SKULKOWSKI (LITTLE EXTRAS BY IRENE): This is Irene's second year at our sale. She has 1:48 Scale and hand-made food, 1:12 scale furniture, food, and accessories, also some 1:24.

LINDA STEWART is downsizing her personal collection. That's always a great opportunity for bargains!

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