Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Shopping Day, Stitch and Bitch

Yesterday (Monday), Sunni, Joanne and I had a 'day out' of our own.

When we went to Red Deer for 'Driving Miss Dolly', we spoke with the founder of MEE, Joanne Prodor, about possible ways she could sell her remaining minis. After a lot of back and forth, Joanne decided to take a spot at the Blue Jar Antique Mall in Edmonton. As Sunday was the first day her miniatures were on display, we decided we would go take a look. (Her things are in  the cabinet in the corner behind the counter.)

After checking out Joanne's offerings, we took a look around the rest of the mall which is always fun. So nice to see things from our youth - even if they are being sold as "vintage" and "antique"!

Then we headed back to Joanne's section. The entire top shelf holds doors, dormers, etc, including some vintage doors with etched glass in them. Really well priced so if you're looking for doors, etc., this is a great place to go.

Below that, there were shelves of furniture, dogs, metal  minis as well as some wonderful brass clamps for making minis. Joanne got two great brass plant stands, a couple of the brass clamps, and some metal minis. All I bought was a great little metal mini clipboard.

Joanne Prodor has TONS of minis left so I think this will be Edmonton's own little "mini store" for quite some time. Check it out!

While we were there, we saw copies of the free magazine "Discovering Antiques". We had seen it when Jillian stopped by Mini Day Out to hand out copies to us.

Pages 34 and 36 with our Joanne's wonderful writeup on the club. One of the ladies had already seen it and was quite impressed with it. (Sorry the picture isn't clear.)

I happened to have a small supply of the quarter page ads for the Show and Sale in my bag so we put one in Joanne's cabinet and left one with the ladies at the counter.

Next door to the Blue Jar Antique Mall is a thrift shop (think it's Bibles for Missions). Lots of fun looking around.

I picked up a small pack of quilting fabric for $2.00. The top row is good for minis but I think I may pass the bottom row on to a couple of the women from Stitch and Bitch.

Now that I have a new sewing machine again, maybe I'll get around to doing some sewing for me...nothing fancy...just things to wear around the house. For $3.60, I got a l.85m piece of 60" polyester plus this smaller piece (.5 metre) of the same fabric. Thinking maybe a caftan to wear around the condo. PLUS the stripes are vertical!

We went for lunch at The Chopped Leaf. Food was great! But we were at one of those tall bistro tables....hate those things. Joanne and I are too short to deal with them - plus the table was about 3" too tall to be comfortable.

After lunch, we went to the nearby Dollarama. Sunni was looking for golf tees to make mushrooms for her Children's Make and Take at the Show and Sale (didn't find them). She did spot some great great 8 x 8 tile sheets that Margaret C. had told me about. The tiles are about 1/2" square and come in black, grey and white and also in shades of blue.

BUT HUGE FIND!!!!! The stain pens are back! After almost two years, was just thrilled to find them. In the kitchen section, I picked up these two small squeeze bottles that I think I can use for glue.

Tonight (Tuesday) was Stitch and Bitch again. I took my roses and the professional floral arrangement to show off. Everyone was totally impressed.

Didn't have anything planned to take tonight but managed to find two oval frames I had bought from Kathy Barbier years ago and some reduced pictures of my paternal grandparents.
On the left is my grandfather Connery and on the right is the wedding picture of Grandma and Grandpa Connery on June 22, 1911, in Transcona Manitoba.
Don't know where the pictures will end up...probably in the Victorian-era Parlour along with the pictures of my parents. I really want to find the original of the wedding picture (which is somewhere) as when we attended my Uncle Gordon's funeral last year, the picture was part of a slide show and everyone said how much I looked like Grandma.

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