Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Sherlock Holmes, new minis

We went to the Telus World of Science to see the Sherlock Holmes exhibit today. We spent four hours there and you could spend more so allow lots of time if you go to see it. Last day is September 5, 2016.

The first section is on the life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and includes a film of him talking about Sherlock Holmes.

The second is devoted to Victorian London.

The third is Sherlock's study. (I was afraid this would tempt me to do it in miniature but fortunately that didn't happen. But if the mood should hit, I took these pictures.)

Here Sherlock's voice introduces us to the next section - checking out the crime scene, reading the police reports and Sherlock's comments on  them.

There are four areas to help you sort through the clues and eventually you come to the solution!

The final section concerns the history of the Holmes books and movies over the years. I took these pictures of the latest BBC series for DD Leanne who is a big fan.

After leaving the exhibit, we headed over to Il Fiono Ristorante (which at one time was owned by our late friend and fellow miniaturist, Bonnie Maio). As we were entering, we saw her ex-husband, Ralf, whom we were to meet later to pick up a box of Bonnie's things that he was donating to MEE.

At Ralf's, he asked us to take a look at the garage sale he was setting up and give him some advice on prices.

When we held the garage sale of Bonnie's miniatures and supplies a couple years ago, these miniature paintings had been in her things. We had no idea what they were worth so suggested that Ralf research them before selling them. He had put them in the garage sale (still unpriced) so Sunni threw out a number and I handed Ralf the money for one - then he told me to take both for that price. I'm SO pleased to have them...not just as great art - but as a memory of Bonnie.

He then also handed me this rabbit skin.I remember when I first moved to Edmonton (OMG 52 years ago!!!), you could buy these at the Bay downtown.


  1. Sherlock's study would be a perfect room to do in miniature! The two paintings are great and what a lovely remembrance of your late friend and fellow miniaturist Bonnie. Will look forward to seeing how you will display them!

    1. Thanks Alayne. Already have two art galleries and enough art for a third so not too sure just what I'll end up with.