Friday, July 29, 2016

Oh, shoot!

DS Carol and Fred are coming out tomorrow and staying the night with me so HAD to get some cleaning done. Couldn't get into the second bathroom the way things were.

So I got my rear in gear and got all my wood sorted and put away.

The shock was that I had all this strip wood and trim!!!! Whole packets of crown molding and baseboards and LOTS of pieces of strip wood in all sizes. It's going to take me forever to sort through it all and organize it but for now, this is it!

Was feeling pretty proud of myself. There is pretty much a clear trail to the condo's second bathroom. Just a short time to finish up.

THEN (and isn't there almost always a but to something like this) I walked into the dining room and spotted the box of wood that Marie had brought out for me a couple weeks ago :-(

So have a few more things to do tonight.

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