Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Doing some re-organizing

DD Leanne and I spent the day together yesterday for another Mommy/Daughter day. We ran some errands then went to IKEA where I picked up two cabinets for one of the closets in my workroom.

Just finished putting together the first of them. I'm going to use this to store my fabric.

All this fabric needs to be sorted (I think by colour) and put in the cabinet.

I put the cabinet and drawers together in the living room but had to move it to the closet before final assembly. (It weighs about 80 pounds.)

The other cabinet I got was the ALEX drawer Unit on casters. I'll  use this to store wood and, hopefully, some wallpapers and carpet fabrics. Hope to get it put together tonight.

We also went to The Brick where I looked at some living room furniture. Found a couch and love seat that I really like but didn't order it. Will ponder it a bit before I decide.

Then we went to Costco and WalMart for groceries before heading h home. Was a great day!

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  1. I love this cabinet, I have one too. Grace