Thursday, July 7, 2016

DEALER - Victoria Miniland

For several years, Victoria Miniland (represented by Alex and his lovely wife, Sigal) has been the anchor of our Show and Sale.

Victoria Miniland was established in 2004. After over 10 years as a brick and mortar store, it's focus was shifted to an entirely web-based site.
The online store specializes in high-end products made by artists across all of the world. Many of the items are exclusive and are designed for them/by them. Always wonderful to check out the artisan miniatures on the website! 
They bring to our sale 36 feet of tables with beautifully-presented miniatures of all kinds. From tiny metal miniatures to Miniland high end furniture and Alex's designed roomboxes, this is as close to a miniature store as you will find at a show in Western Canada.

Miniland is now the biggest supplier in the world for the battery operated LED lights with over 120 models. All their lights are super bright.
Alex is now working on a 1:48 line. It will not be ready for the show, but it will be ready for Christmas.
Especially now, with the threat of a postal strike, you can order online  from Alex and ask for delivery at the Show and Sale. Especially for larger items such as roomboxes and dollhouses, this is a special  advantage.
To order something special (and/or ask for delivery to the show) or just ask for help, you can email Alex or call him at 1-866-995-1226. 
(From personal experience, I know that Alex is a great person to discuss wiring with!)

As a visitor to the show, you will get a chance to win ALL sorts of  prizes from Victoria Miniland - they always donate  LOTS of really great prizes!


  1. I AGREE with Everything you've said Maureen! I live in the Greater Vancouver area and participate in the bi-annual West Coast Miniature Show. Alex's VICTORIA MINILAND table is always crowded and chock-a-block full of Marvelous Treasures. He and his staff are highly informed and very friendly! Last year I ordered some LED lighting from him on line and was Pleasantly Surprised to learn that it was personally PRE-TESTED prior to his mailing the order!
    Loved That! :D


  2. Yes, Elizabeth. We are so fortunate to have Alex of Miniland pack up all those incredible things and bring them to us. What wonderful treats - and how wonderful to actual see them in person!
    I called him once about an electrical thing and he asked "Are you sure that's what you need?" And he suggested something that he thought would work better...and it did!
    Wonderful man and incredible service.