Friday, July 15, 2016

DEALER - Sherri MacRaild

Returning to our show and sale as a dealer is Calgarian Sherri MacRaild. Sherri has achieved artisan status with the IGMA (International Guild of Miniature Artisans in Toys).

In addition to her toys, she makes plants, lamps (wall-hung kinds as well as a Faberge-style one), Christmas decorative items, Easter accessories, Circus rings and wagons, Venetian and Mardi Gras masks, toy theatres and boxes of chocolates.

Beautiful, detailed work that you’d be proud to own.

When I asked Sherri to send me some more pictures for this, not only did she send me pictures but told me a bit about each one. So enjoy!

Really enjoyed making this 'old toys wagon' with a cat theme.  Everything is made from 'scratch' (pardon the pun!).

There seems to be a 'cat' theme going on here!  A lot of the things that I make are the result of a challenge given to me by someone else.  Started making Venetian masks because a friend of mine was collecting them and I wanted to make her something special for Christmas.  But then I started doing in-depth research and got so intrigued by the history behind the various masks types from Venice and their over-the-top yearly carnival, started making a number of different kinds and enjoying it a lot.

All handmade (made the graphic for the 'tree' container, too) except for the table. 

This is my latest 'potion bottle' project.  Had just too much
fun with it and it was hard to get on to anything else.  :-)  

These chocolate boxes are all sort of colour co-ordinated because they were made for my French Gift Shop.  I love making boxes of chocolates and enjoy the process of blending beautiful graphics with matching box colours...and the chocolates are not fattening!

I made a number of Noah's arks (prompted by a request from a lady here in
Calgary) and this is one of them. I was grateful to this lady because it allowed me to carve them out of wood that my father had given to me year's ago.  He had made a very large fishing boat when I was a teenager and saved pieces of various types of woods left over from it for 40 years as a memento.  So it was special, making boats from wood that had been used by my Dad for making a boat in real size.

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