Thursday, July 7, 2016

DEALER - Needlecraft Treasures by Rosalle

Over the next while, I'll be highlighting some of our dealers for the September 18 Show and Sale.

Long time MEE member, Rosalle Pinske, will be selling her beautiful miniature crocheted accessories. These pictures from Mini Day Out show  her working on a crocheted wicker basket.

This is one of her afghans I bought from her last year. It found a home in my Christmas vignette for Leslie.

One of my favourite pieces by Rosalle. This angel is 1" tall and is perfect for a tree topper or a mantle ornament.

She also does a lovely bibbed apron among many other things.

In addition to our Show and Sale, she often does the Kelowna and West Coast Shows and Sales as well as Molly Cromwell's Florida shows.


  1. Beautiful needlework. Knitting and/or crocheting if done to scale make the most beautiful accessories and clothes in miniature.

    1. Thanks Grace.
      Rosalle's work is that beautifully scaled work that just "works".
      Hugs, Maureen

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