Monday, July 4, 2016

Catch Up: Stitch 'n Bitch; Mini Day Out, Mommy and Daughter Day

Last Tuesday night, I took the last of my three roses to "Stitch and Bitch" (the informal name of our craft night) in the Condo and finally finished them. They are nowhere near the ones Barb taught in class but I'm reasonably pleased with them.
Afterward, Leslie came up and I showed her what a real miniaturist could do with a bouquet of flowers: She was totally blown away!

Mini Day Out, Saturday, July 2

Lucille is working on her 1:48 N.A.M.E. project from last fall.
And here it is:

Tina was doing the same project in 1:12

 Barb is working on a "Home Sweet Home" wall hanging in 1:12. She finished it by the end of the day but I didn't get a picture of it finished. It was lovely!

Joanne was working on her lamp roombox that was out MEE project this past year.

Erika was working on Chrysnbon chair kits that will become part of an "Alice in Wonderland" scene. She finished three chairs by the end of the day.

Rosalle started the crocheting of a 'wicker' basket. More about that soon.

Both Corinne and Judi worked on their Nancy Stewart (?) furniture kits.

Inger worked on her bed kit (by our beloved Lorry Saunders). Was wonderful to have Inger with us after her knee surgery!

Bev was also working on her Nancy Stewart furniture kit. 

 (Hanging my head in shame - I just couldn't get my act together so did nothing.)

Because it was a small group, we headed back to my condo for a lunch of cold cuts, salads and watermelon, then went back to work.

And all the while, we chit-chatted about airport security, customs., grandchildren, name it!

It was a WONDERFUL time!

Mommy and Daughter Day!!

On Sunday, my DD Leanne picked me up and we just had a wonderful afternoon together. Checked out IKEA where I found a great dome that I thought was $7.99 and turned out to be $20 - I didn't buy it! But Leanne found a great Big Bad Wolf and three Little Pigs stuffies for the Day Care.

Then we went to her place and picked raspberries then she cooked me a wonderful dinner of salmon and baby potatoes, reassured the rabbit that I was only visiting (not coming to stay while Leanne would leave).

She drove me home then I took a share of the raspberries (along with some of the watermelon from Saturday) over to my Mom next door. She was thrilled!

TIP: Non-Mini!  Feta cheese is the most incredible accompaniment to watermelon. The combination is just fantastic!

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