Saturday, July 9, 2016

Additional DEALER information - Victoria Miniland

What wonderful news from Alex at Victoria Miniland! 

Great News from Victoria Miniland!
We created a special coupon for the Edmonton show visitors - this coupon offers 15% off on any items from our website and free delivery to be picked up at the show. Since we have limited room, we will not be bringing any items from Heidi Ott, Reutter Porcelain, any dollhouses, and only a limited quantity of our lights and accessories. If anyone wishes to purchase any items in advance, we will happily deliver it to the show. Also, please note that the 15% discount is to be included on top of any additional sales - such as our "deal of the day" sale.
Coupon code: EdmontonShow

minimum order US$ 20, Expired Sep-14, 2016

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