Thursday, June 16, 2016

Wallpapered the wall of the lamp insert

I had these three packs of handmade paper in  my stash. Decided the red would work best.

Draped it over the back of the insert with the unfinished chair in front.

I planned on using spray adhesive for the wallpaper so first I had to cover the floor with scrap paper
 and wrapped it around the sides and taped it in place.

Then I took it outside to the balcony and sprayed the adhesive on. First coating didn't work at all but tried a second time and it had enough sticky to attach the paper. Weighed it down with a book and left it for awhile.

 Put glue on the back
 and wrapped the excess paper around

Thank heaven the glue will dry clear because I made quite a mess of it.

Then I added a strip of wood for a baseboard.

For now, I've put in a Bespaq cabinet. The bottom shelf is filled with faux books from Barbara Brear.


  1. A fun project...wall and flooring colours are blending well with the books in the cabinet. What will come next I wonder?