Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The floor

About ten years ago, Doreen Robertson, a friend who lived in our building and was the former owner of the Pet and Hobby Shop in St. Albert, gave me a tube of 24" x 1/4" cherry veneer. I haven't counted them but I think there are at least 200 pieces in the tube. (Until last week, I hadn't looked at the price on the end of the tube - $55.00?!?)

Until a couple weeks ago, I hadn't used it.

I started with a cardstock template of the floor of the lamp roombox. I knew I wanted an outer edge of plain cherry with a second row of black. So I cut the four mitred pieces of each for the outer edge then four more pieces that I stained black with my trusty black permanent marker.

 I then glued them in place then started to fill in the rest of the floor in a brick pattern.

Now I had to figure out how to cut all the inner pieces properly with all the correct angles. I cut the 24" pieces of veneer in half , taped 11 of them together at one end, than placed them in the gluing jig I got from Samm Brockhurst.

From one end, measured them with the ruler (1 1/4")

then clamped the ruler in place and cut the strips to 1 1/4" length.

 Kept doing this until I had all the pieces cut.

Then, starting from the middle of the template, I started gluing all the pieces in place.  The first (middle row) was the 1 1/4" pieces, then on either side I cut the 1 1/4" piece in half to start then went with the 1 1/4" pieces again.

Here it's coming together.

And the left side completed...

Now the right side...

Shoot! Now I have to fill in all those holes at the top. Measure them off...

Cut them...

Then put them in place.

I can't find the picture here to transition from the flooring to the floor. But I put four strips of Duck indoor/outdoor carpet tape across the floor then dropped the flooring in place.

Couple things I would have done differently:

I would have coloured the cardstock to match the wood so the very tiny pieces where I didn't quite get pieces of wood together wouldn't have mattered.

Not so sure if I would have done this one - although it certainly would have been easier. Instead of filling in those teeny pieces at the end, I maybe could have cut that piece to fit.


  1. The floor looks amazing Maureen! Isn't the lamp base room box fun? That's the one I used for my New Orleans lamp project I have on my blog. I did have Wayne cut a side wall for me and a little corner one to go between the two. I love the final result as I know you will yours. - Marilyn D., Oromocto, NB

    1. Thanks Marilyn. As fiddly as it was, I'm pleased with the end result.
      I love the lamp base roombox. This is my second one and I have another in the wings.
      Hugs, Maureen

  2. Love the floor pattern with the black border. A great deal of measuring and positioning but a fantastic result in the end...thanks for sharing your tips. I laid down a cherry parquet floor over a dark red/brown base and it did help mask the tiniest of gaps. Looking forward to seeing the project develop...Alayne in Winnipeg

    1. Thanks Alayne.
      Hope at some point to get more adventurous with my flooring.
      Glad you were smarter than I was about the base.
      Any chance you might make it to Edmonton for our Show and Sale on September 18? Would love to meet you.