Wednesday, June 22, 2016

MEE garage sale

Well, last night was the last club meeting until September although we do have one summer social get-together at a member's home.

The highlight of the meeting is a garage sale where members can sell off anything they no longer want. Unfortunately, only a few bring things to it anymore. And I'm as guilty as anyone!

When we went to Driving Miss Dolly in Red Deer, Marilyn A. who is an associate member from Calgary gave us some items that had been donated to the Calgary Doll Club to sell. There wasn't a whole lot of stuff but I did pick up a few things.

Got 14 pieces of strip wood for 25 cents each. Can always use this.

 (Two hours later! We just had a humungous lightning storm. Just had time to shut down the computer before the lightning hit the building and set off the fire alarm. So had to evacuate the building. But all is well and we're all back in.)

Was pleased to get this Realife Miniatures kit containing all the shelving for a country store. Shelving always comes in handy and I'm sure I'll use the counters at some point.

Got all these plastic containers of dessicant from Joanne's stash (she was giving them away).The large ones are 1" tall and the smaller ones are 3/4" tall. Think I'll spray paint them with primer, add some decals and make some canisters for a kitchen. (These are sometimes used in bottles of prescription drugs to absorb moisture.)


  1. Our Winnipeg club (MEOW) also holds a garage sale during the last meeting of the year in was a buzz of activity and lots of members brought in items to pass along at very delightful prices! What a great thing it is to pass along items that you thought you might use but didn't. It was my first experience with the concept and it was certainly a fun shopping evening for all involved.

  2. The saying "one man's junk is another man's treasure" is what I find to be true when shopping at any garage or yard sales but ESPECIALLY when it's a mini one!
    Glad to hear that you had fun at the clubs, Maureen.

  3. It is such a nice way of giving,selling or exchanging materials that are not needed anymore.

  4. Alayne, Elizabeth and Grace,
    SO true. Garage sales are great - especially mini ones! I think perhaps our June one isn't as big as in the past is because we can do mini-sales throughout the year as we clean out our stashes AND because we encourage members to contribute any extras to our children's grab bags at our show and sale (September 18, 2016)