Saturday, June 18, 2016


Went to the new Dollarama (just down the hill from me as opposed to the old one which is a fair distance from here) and just took my time looking around.Bought some odds and ends of things I think might work for minis (plus, of course, some other things).

The lighting in the condo is not great so I picked up this 7 LED headlight ($2.50) for when I'm working on the couch in the living room. Light is good although colours aren't. But think it will come in handy.

The colour of these foot-less tights ($3.00) really caught my eye. Think the fabric might work for upholstery.

Think I can use the air-drying clay ($1.50) to make the inside of my hot tub. I've had one package forever (and it's still soft) but picked up the second package which hopefully will be enough to do the hot tub....whenever LOL.

Think these wood veneer shapes ($1.50) will work well to enhance wall panelling. Particularly a paneled wall below a chair rail with these added  about 1/2 or 3/4" apart. The bottle beside them is Glossy accents clear dimensional medium from my stash.

Here's one panel with an edging of the dimensional medium.

The dimension could be added about 1/4" in from the edge also. For some reason I think if I were to do this, I would cut the piece to be more rectangular than square. New corners could be cut with a regular paper punch.

And here it is partially stained.

They also had this in oval shapes (in a couple sizes on one sheet). Didn't buy any but thought they might work for picture frames. They could be edged with cording, lace, even miniature sea shells.

Couple other things I saw but didn't buy:

  • X-Acto type knife with thick (about 5/8" in diameter) plastic/rubber handle. Think it was $2.00 with a pack of 5 extra #11 blades.
  • An incredible selection of rolls of their own brand of Duct Tape in all colours and designs. Some leopard designs that looked to be about 1:12 scale.
  • Some nice book size boxes that would be good for a little vignette - particularly a seasonal one that you could close up and put away after the holiday.
  • In the wedding section, they had some plastic grooms (no brides) in black suits... about 5 3/4" without the base. Not great but could work in a pinch in some scene where you need a man in a suit.
  • A set of two punches that would round off corners: 1/2" and 1".
They did NOT have any more of the Croc pony tail holders. (Nor did the other Dollarama when Joanne and I were there earlier in the week.)

One thing our Dollarama has not had for ages is the set of three colours of furniture retouching markers. Sure wish they'd bring them back.

I'm sure there were other things I've forgotten or just didn't note because I've 'been there, done that'. But my impression is that there are just not as many things as there were at Dollarama four or five years ago.

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