Monday, May 2, 2016

Time to start over again...

Everything is in such a mess here, miniwise!

I thought I'd try to finish the first chair from the workshop tonight then realized that until I cleaned up, NOTHING would get done.

Other than my dining room table which (for a change) is completely clean, my TV tray was the only place I could work on. And it was nowhere near large enough! Plus I couldn't find the Aleene's tri-pack of glue. Thought Joanne might have taken it by mistake then realized it was in the workroom by the computer where I had taken it when I last posted on the blog.

I have all this left on my folding table in the living room. Most of it is from Audrey Turton's estate sale but there is also a lot of things from Liz at Grandpa's Dollhouse. PLUS odds and ends from projects I've been working on. (Hanging my head in shame.)

Now I really have to get all of this put away so I can work in comfort again.

I've started sending out the dealer invitations for the Show and Sale so have to finish that also.

Not to mention that I will be going over to DD Leanne and DSIL Rob's on May 14 to rabbit-sit for two weeks so have to organize projects to take along and, hopefully, work on while I'm there. I've already talked to Judi R about getting together for lunch while I'm there and hope to spend some time with a few other club members who live in that area of Edmonton.

Plus, my friend Cheryl H. from Nova Scotia will be here at that time so will hopefully spend time with her also.

The projects that I hope to work on, maybe even complete, are:

at least one of the lamp kits from Grandpa's Dollhouse. This is the one that the wingback chairs will go in.

and, Vern's attic! Once I get the lighting, insulation and drywall in, it will only take a very short time to finish this project. The Nancy Summers easy chair kit is about the only thing to go in here that isn't already done.

After that, all I have to do is write up the stories about all the contents for our grandchildren, Jonah and Holly, to give them some memories of Grandpa Vern.

Tuesday night, we have our club workshop lead by Tina. This one will be lamps!

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  1. El ático presenta un aspecto increíble!!!! Estoy segura que ordenarás todo y podrás disfrutar de la compañía de tus amigos de afición!!!!