Sunday, May 29, 2016

The lamp roombox

This is such a great little room box that I don't know if I'll add the lamp to it.

These base, top and front frame are already put together. Everything needs to be painted before I assemble it.

First and second coats of paint

Have glued the insert together. This is removeable so you can make different inserts and switch them around.

Now that everything has two coats of paint, it's time to put it together. These Lego block squares ensure that the back wall is centered.

The plexiglass is put in place then the top pieces are glued in place.

Once the glue dried, I gave the entire thing a coating of no gloss varnish that matches the paint.

Love this part - peeling off the protective plastic from the plexiglass! Just lightly cut through the protective layer and peel it off. The part that is in the frame pulls out too.

Now the insert has been added.

And the lid is put on.

Next I started work on the floor of the insert.