Friday, May 27, 2016

Really off topic - Highwaymen and Willie Nelson

One of the benefits of being home was having my own TV channels. Sounds silly but I know what channels I expect things to be on as opposed to the 2000 channels on the Bell satellite the kids have. (Although I had made my own little list of some of my favourites.)

I'm sure I would have missed these two PBS shows otherwise.

First was a one hour show on "The Highwaymen" (Willie, Waylon, John and Kris). The songs brought back SO many memories that I laughed, cried and remembered our Mould family reunion in Rose Lake, BC, I had phoned Mom to tell her about this. She hadn't thought to watch it originally but it brought back the same memories for her.

After that, PBS aired the award of the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song to Willie Nelson. Definitely a 5 star show! Great music!

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