Saturday, May 7, 2016

lamp workshop, packing up

Had planned on posting last night but ended up making a mini gift for a friend. Unfortunately I was so anxious to get it in the mail that I didn't take any pictures. And I can't say what it is until she gets it.

Tina taught a great workshop on making lamps Tuesday night. She had ordered the LED battery-operated lights from  Evan Designs and the lamp harps and shades from JAR/JAF. Couldn't find the link to the harps and shades - maybe Tina could let me know the direct link. But it's an incredible site and you can download their catalogue free.

I actually had done one lamp before the class but while I was looking for something I came across something else that I want to try to make my lamps (one floor lamp and one table lamp). More about that at the end of this post.

Just a few pictures:

Isn't this wonderful! Jillian made it for her Christmas room.

 I'm trying to get work together to take to Leanne and Rob's next week. I've definitely decided on one of the lamp roomboxes. The plan is to do a small scene with the two wingback chairs, a Bespaq cabinet I bought from Liz at Grandpa's Dollhouse filled with Barbara Brear's faux books, and a folding screen. The white tube is filled with 24" long 1/4" cherry veneer that I hope to turn into a parquet floor.

Tina has a new toy - a laser cutter! When we were there Tuesday before last, she was showing some screen prototypes she was working on and I fell in love. So Sunday when she asked if I wanted one, I of course said yes. Plan on doing them in black and gold. Have to check my hardware box for some tiny hinges - or may use Tyvek if I can find the piece of it that Barb S. gave me sometime ago.

Going with the black and gold theme, think I'll try to use this headband to cover the lamp stands.

I have a strip of wood that the headband fits. Still in the thinking stages but it's coming together in my head. (And you know how scary that can be. LOL)

My original plan was to work on Vern's attic but I don't think I'll take more than one project.

So now the thing is to make sure I have EVERY possible tool and supply to get this project finished. And that is always the hard part. Nothing worse than planning a big project and finding you don't have the one or two things that you don't need to complete it.

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