Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Just a couple things....

Don't know how regularly I'll be posting in the next week. I've offered my condo to my nephew and his fiancee while I'm at Leanne and Rob's so have a lot of cleaning to do! I doubt that they'll take me up on my offer but want to be ready in case they do - plus it would be wonderful to come home to a clean place - not just surface clean but deep down clean.

Mike and Denise are from Fort McMurray and I know that all of you have seen the devastation that has been wrought by the forest fire there. My thoughts and prayers are with all the residents of Fort McMurray and the brave men and women who are fighting this fire, including my cousin, Ted Mould.

Just a couple things that have come up in the past two days. 

Super glue warning:
While super glues have great bonding powers; fuming or blooming (vapor as part of the curing process) can sometimes occur enclosed transparent substrates.  This turns the surface of glass and crystals cloudy. Once the glue dries totally the vapors disappear, but not if they are trapped inside a closed space. Loctite does make a super glue specifically for glass but I've not tried it.

Site for Glue Information: This site asks what you want to glue to what then gives you the best glue to use plus 'runner-up' glues. Lots of information on all types and brands of glue plus interesting trivia and a glue of the month.

Blog to Follow: Marijke Hurkens fromNew Brunswick is a wonderful miniaturist/artisan that I met at Camp Mini Ha Ha  several years ago. All of her work is very detailed and perfect but her flowers are great! I like her blog for both! She does some great flower/plant tutorials. 


  1. I agree Maureen - with your heartfelt comments about the tragedy that has unfolded in Alberta and with your comments about Marijke's work. She is a very talented lady. I hope your nephew and his fiancée are holding up well and that they have a home to go back to. - Marilyn D., Oromocto, NB, Canada

    1. My thoughts are with you on Brandi's death.
      What an incredible blessing it has been to see all the wonderful response from all Canadians to the Fort MacMurray disaster. So far, it looks like Mike's condo has survived the fire - not so sure about the house they bought contemplating marriage.
      Hope Marijke does well at the Moncton Show this weekend. FAME is doing such a great job of spreading the word!
      Hugs, Maureen