Friday, May 27, 2016

I'M HOME!!!!

And it feels so good....

Leanne and Rob came home a day or two early. They had two bouts of really expensive car repairs and the trip didn't turn out the way they had hoped and planned.

While it's hard being away from my 'stuff', it's really not that bad staying at their place. And, of course, I have Columbus to keep me company.

He watches TV with me.
I worked mostly upstairs at the dining room table as the light is really bad downstairs...but I'm used to listening to the TV while I'm mini-ing. Fortunately, Leanne had had me download Shaw's TV app onto my tablet so I could watch that.

Didn't get a great deal done but took lots of pictures so I'll catch  you up on what I did do over the next couple days.

One huge disappointment was that I couldn't access my blog to update it as I went along. Plus I took the wrong cord so couldn't download my pictures.

June picked me up to go to our mini general meeting Tuesday before last. Good meeting! A co-worker had given Joanne a trunkful of matboard so after the meeting we all trooped out and took what we needed/wanted from her trunk. She kept my choices for me so I'll get them soon.

Then this past Wednesday Judi came by and picked me up for lunch. Had a wonderful visit with her!

That's it for now. Have to edit my pictures.

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