Saturday, May 7, 2016

Fort McMurray fire

I don't think many of you have any idea how big and terrible this fire is! Other than you in Nova Scotia who have seen the comparative map posted originally by Pam on Facebook which showed how far the fire would have spread if it had been in Halifax..

The Weather Network does have a map that shows the comparative area of the fire over several capital cities in Canada so you can get some idea of how large this fire is. For you in PEI, it would more than cut the island in half.

The entire population of 80,000 people has been evacuated from the city over the past week to the rest of the province that has opened its arms wholeheartedly to them.

I could not begin to tell you all the heartwarming stories and I won't even try. They are all over the newspapers and the internet.

Suffice it to say that all Canadians (from First Nations to Syrian refugees and all those in between) have joined together to support these people who have become refugees in our own country.

I am SO proud to be an Albertan...and a Canadian....

When things like this happen, we pull together and support each other.


  1. The fire was awful; my heart goes out to everyone involved. I'm in Northern Ontario and we get some wicked wildfires nearby but they never come close to the city, thank God. I can't even imagine the devastation of an entire city lost.

  2. Such wonderful news this morning. 90% of the city is still standing - the downtown area, the hospital and all of the schools except the one that was under construction. But it will be two weeks before the evacuees have any indication what the schedule for their return will be.
    Thank you to all the firefighters and first responders who were there!