Sunday, May 29, 2016

a tri-fold screen

The floor will come later.

Tina made this tri-fold screen kit for me on her laser cutter.

Black and gold are my favourite colours so that's where I went with this also.

For the 'gold', I used two separate Pilot pens (available from And for the black I used a black permanent marker.

Here are six of the nine panels that comprise the screens.

The panel on the left hasn't been painted yet. The centre panel outside and edges have been done in black and the filigree in the middle has been done in gold. The right hand panel has been done in gold with the inner and outside edges done in black.

And here it is tentatively put together.

Now all of the pieces have been 'painted'

The first panel glued and clamped.

All three panels finished.

Now the problem is to hinge the panels together somehow....and what a problem it is!

Have to give this a LOT of thought. I have a supply of Houseworks hinges in my stash but I think they're too wide. Somewhere I have some Tyvek (that strong plastic material that some mailing envelopes are made from) that might do the trick. We'll see.


  1. Te han quedado muy bien!!! Seguro que algo se te ocurrirá para articularlos!!

  2. How pretty and detailed these screen panels look...keeping fingers crossed that the solution for hinging them together is easier to find than expected! Cheers, Alayne in Winnipeg

    1. Well, we'll just have to wait and see. Thanks, Alayne.

  3. A lovely looking screen Maureen! I like the black and gold theme too. The screen has an Asian feel to it, and is that what you are going for?

    1. No, Elizabeth. I've done the Asian thing before but I just like the black and gold.