Monday, May 2, 2016

a 1:24 house of foamcore

This is not so much a mini as it is an architectural model but it is wondertful!

Done by Adam Savage of Mythbusters.

Many good instructions regarding X-Acto knife blades and hot glue. (The least of which is that, although Adam used it - DO NOT use hot glue for minis!)


  1. I just started out with minis and made a foam core bake shop. I used hot glue to glue thin craft sticks to the edges of the roof and around the deck to hide the raw cuts because when I used Alene's fast grab to attach stir sticks as baseboards and trim. The fast grab didn't work for the roof edging because of the angle. What should I have used instead of hot glue? Thanks.

  2. Sorry, when I tried editing I accidentally cut out an entire sentence. What I meant to say is that Alene's worked great for the baseboard sticks but not at all for the roof or deck edging sticks; the pieces kept slipping off, so I resorted to hot glue.