Saturday, April 9, 2016

On Friday, my DS Shirley, her DSIL Kathryne from New Zealand and I went to the Make it Show at The Enjoy Centre in St. Albert. Had a wonderful time looking at all the great exhibits then checked out all the shops in the centre. The only thing I bought was a jar of chocolate cherry jam (made with Creme de Cacao). It is SO good! Then we went to the restaurant at the  Casino and had wings and dry  pork ribs. Both very tasty but it was already after two p.m. and I was going for dinner with Joanne at five before we headed to the library to hear author Todd Babiuk being interviewed by Paula Simon of the Edmonton Journal. They are old friends and colleagues so it was a very fun, enjoyable evening.

This morning, Bev A., Barb R., Judi R and Barb S. came to my place to pick up their orders from Liz at Grandpa's Dollhouse. The other three people who had ordered were unable to attend - two got theirs at our club meeting on Tuesday and Gwen will pick hers up later. (We all order separately but have Liz ship everything to me which lowers our shipping costs incredibly. This year shipping was only $5.60 each!)

New member, Andrea, joined us as we wanted to give her a chance to meet some club members in a smaller, less formal, setting.

My mea culpa. Honest, I did have my camera on hand from the beginning but got so wrapped up watching the unveiling that I didn't remember to take pictures until we had finished lunch and were doing a round-table self-introduction. That was really interesting and enlightening!

Bev, Andres, Barb R., Judi R., and  Barb S.
When Barb R. arrived, she brought me this great birthday gift!

Barb made the carpet and the cheese board is for my kitchen.

Bev, Judi and Andrea checking out all the free goodies from Liz and the fabric sample book that DS Marie gave me last weekend.

This is all that was left from the freebies from Liz.
Barb S. and Barb R. checking out the construction of a chair Barb S. bought.

My goodies! Bought a nursery set just in case I need to make a nursery roombox one of these days. (Not counting on that happening though.)

Barb S. with some of her pieces on the table. One thing she got that I am SO envious of is a lawyer's bookshelf with the glass doors. 

Some of Judi's things.

I didn't get a picture of Barb R.'s things but I went upstairs later and got these pictures. She got some really wonderful things!

 I got some great things including a miniature Grover from Sesame Street for DD Leanne who has a large collection of RL ones; a wardrobe; the baby furniture; a batch of desk accessories; some food and a large cabinet (already have one - what was I thinking?).

Love this Bespaq cabinet. In an ideal world, I would make some of my 1;12 minis in 1:144 and put them in here but, realistically, that just isn't going to happen.
 And an espresso machine for the kitchen.

In addition to the club freebies, Liz also sent me a bag of freebies; The highlights were a blank canvas with palette with paint and brushes and the most incredible sewing box with spools of thread, scissors and other accessories. Also a telephone, copper mold and a couple vases. There were also a couple other things that I added to the other giveaway as I knew I wouldn't use them.

All in all, it has been an absolutely great two days!

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  1. Happy belated birthday! Wow, it looks like you all had fun. I sure wish I lived close to all of you. Such beautiful minis; what a haul! I finally started making minis after thinking about it for years, lol. Now that I have, I'm completely addicted and even dreaming about minis. Why did nobody warn me, lol?