Sunday, April 3, 2016

Finally home

Got home from Peterborough at 10 a.m. Friday. Wonderful trip but sure good to be home.

I couldn't sign in to my blog while I was away so didn't get the post done on the Ruth Stewart workshop. Hopefully will get that done in the next couple days.

DS Marie and DBIL Rob arrived Friday afternoon. As usual, she had brought lots of goodies for me.

Sample book of sheer fabrics - about 250 pieces of roughly 10" x 20" pieces.

Some wonderful RL cards.

Fingernail apps that have all sorts of possibilities.

A great little Zen garden and some spools. The spools are great for making Coleman lanterns in mini.

Yesterday we celebrated the marriage of my nephew, James, and Aaryn. They were married in the Muttart Conservatory:

Absolutely wonderful setting!

During the reception (which was held in the social room in my condo), I finally had the opportunity to present the garden in a cage that I made for Rob's brother, Gary, and his wife, Lorraine. Lorraine had seen my minis before but Gary hadn't so it was fun to show off.

DS Carol, Lorraine and I were talking about the minis I had made for Carol. I mentioned a couple things that were in the Camping Scene  that Carol hadn't noticed so she said she would have to take a closer look when she got home. We also discussed the Quilt Shop that I made her.

Leaving for Grahame and Shirley's in a couple hours to celebrate his 80th birthday.


  1. Great pictures Maureen. And lots of nice goodies too! - Late birthday gifts perhaps?? :-) - Marilyn D.

  2. Hi Marilyn,
    Hadn't even thought of them as late birthday gifts...Marie always gives me things like this when she comes out.