Thursday, April 7, 2016

Another estate

Joanne and I spent four hours at Tina's today sorting through and pricing items from the estate of a former MEE member whose daughter had asked us to sell four boxes of miniatures and associated supplies.

Most of the things were pretty run-of-the-mill but we were pleasantly surprised to find some beautiful but unsigned pieces that we think we may be able to get good prices for.

One was a beautiful chess set apparently made from pieces of Tiny Turnings. Another was a Christmas lady with a wolf/dog. There were also 6 sets of Philip Aitken pewter in the original boxes.

We'll be selling all these things at our next MEE meeting on April 19.

There was one piece that I sort of shrugged off but Joanne thought might be valuable. It's a metal miniature of two men playing checkers. It has been painted white.

The base is 1 1/2" x 1 1/8" and the piece is 1" tall. It is signed on the bottom ©Blauer 73
I think that the paint has obliterated much of the detail of the piece.

While I was writing this!!!

Scaloot in Montana has advised me on the Canada Minis group that it may be the work of Ellen Blauer and Carol K. of MEE has also pretty much confirmed it in her email to me:

John and  Ellen Krucker Blauer were the owners of Maynard Manor .  There are several articles about them in NN ----  I just checked Feb. 1997 which has good info as well as several other articles in other issues.

One sentence reads:  "Ellen's metal accessories, miniature chandeliers, and commemorative plates, as well as her incredibly detailed punch-needle carpets, have earned her a reputation as one of miniatures' top artisans."

Other articles:

Nutshell News  - 1980 - 1982

                            Every other month in 1996

Oh, my how I love my groups! Both in person and online! 

Now we just have to figure out a price for it!


  1. Don't you just love it when that happens? People are so helpful and I think that it is Great that you were able to get a Nutshell News cross-reference for the tiny piece too! :D


    1. Elizabeth, miniaturists are the absolute BEST in helping! I've lost count of how many people replied to my posts for help on this.