Saturday, March 5, 2016

More excuses LOL

On Thursday, received a small package from Cheryl H. with the sea glass to complete Grahame's beach along with teensy shells and some driftwood. So I should glue those in place and declare that finished.

Speaking of Shirley and Grahame, their dear border collie, Kiwi, went to the Rainbow Bridge this morning. So sad.

It's amazing how much I can find to do when I can't seem to get working on my miniatures.

I belong to Bookbub and generally get three or four free books a week - and the only thing I like more than minis is reading. Most of the books are shorter ones (200-300 pages) so it's SO easy to tell myself "it's just a quick read - I'll get everything else done later".

On Wednesday, Shirley, Mom and I went to Costco to stock up.

On Thursday, Joanne and I had tickets to Alice Through the Looking Glass at the Citadel. She's been unwell with a bad sinus infection and hadn't seen each other for awhile so we first checked out the new Dollarama at the bottom of the hill (good selection, clean, wide aisles - and close!) then had dinner at Swiss Chalet before the play.

My provincial ID card expires on March 27 (day I leave for Peterborough) so had to renew it on Friday. Delivery is supposed to be 7 - 14 business days so it better be here by then or I'm in BIG trouble!

Spent most of today tidying up and answering emails so I guess I've run out of excuses not to work on the miniature kitchen. Have to get it done (or at least furnished) as Ruth Stewart arrives here on Friday for the two cake workshops she is teaching on Saturday and Sunday.

Enough procrastination! Two more emails to reply to then it's time to mini!


  1. Sometimes the week flies past with lots of things to keep a person occupied...and miniatures fall to the bottom of the list. Life is all about finding a balance between those things we must do and those things we love to do...but I must admit sometimes working with miniatures goes to the top of the 'must do' list!

    1. Thanks Alayna. Trouble with writing a blog is that you feel you need to keep mini-ing to have something to write about. And sometimes you just have to let it go.