Monday, March 7, 2016


Got a good amount of work done today.

Gave all the cabinets (except the upper corner one) a second coat of paint.

Then gave them all a finishing coat of flat varnish.

Scraped off the paint that had bubbled on the dishwasher and gave it a first coat of silver nail polish.

This stove was in  my  stash. Took off the burners, then scraped off the glue.

Painted the top of the stove with a black marker (will add a top coat of clear nail polish). Then painted the front, sides, rack and door with silver nail polish.. The back of the rack and the oven door still have to be painted then I have to redrill one side of the door (the hole on that side is in the wrong position) so it can be pinned in place. Think I'll also put a long handle on the door to match the dishwasher.

Have to put the doors in place and glue the tops back on some of the cabinets.

Then I can figure out where things go in the room and cut the counter tops.

It's coming along.


  1. The cupboards are looking really great, Maureen. I love your use of nail polish as well. It's useful for so many things. - Marilyn D., Oromocto, NB

  2. I am looking forward to see the end result. i also think using nail polish is nice, does it get expensive?
    Grace Cambridge On

  3. Silver nail polish is an excellent idea for 'painting' the stove...all the pieces are looking lovely! Looking forward to seeing the completed work!

  4. Nail polish works on so many things. It covers beautifully and comes in an incredible variety of colours. Right now Dollarama even has a set of 5 or 6 different colours for $1 or $2.