Thursday, March 17, 2016

Off to Ontario

I'm leaving this afternoon for Peterborough and won't be home until April 1. I'm going to download the pics of the cake class and put them in a draft blog for now so I can work on it while I'm away. Other than that, I'll be back blogging some time in early April as have a lot going on the first couple days that I'm back.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

More about Lorry

For those of you who never met Lorry, there is a wonderful article that Tina MacD. wrote about her in 2007. (pages 3 and 4)

I don't often have in my collection things that were made by other miniaturists other than small pieces that fit into a scene/room/house.

But I was fortunate enough to get this little vignette from Lorry in a MEE Christmas exchange.

It is just so perfect! As was all of Lorry's work. I'm made several similar pieces myself but none of them have ever come anywhere near her work.

It has always been a favourite of mine. Thanks, Lorry.

Rest in Peace

When we think of those companions who travelled by our side down life’s road, let us not say with sadness that they left us behind, but rather say in gratitude that they once were with us.
A founding member of M.E.E. (Miniature Enthusiasts of Edmonton) and a dear friend to so many, Lorry Saunders passed away on Monday after suffering a stroke on Friday.

Lorry did the most wonderful miniatures - perfect in every way. She mentored so many of us in the Club and was a wealth of information. We will remember her for her warm personality and eagerness to help whenever and wherever it was needed.
 We will miss her very much.

* * *

Lorne Brown, of Peterborough, lost his battle with cancer on Monday. Lorne was the father of Julie, my dear daughter in law, and grand-father of Jonah and Holly. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife, Wava, daughters, Lorraine, Wendy (Scott), and Julie (Sean) and his six grandchildren.. Lorne was a wonderful man who welcomed us all into their family when Sean and Julie married.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Personal stuff going on...

Before I post on the weekend with Ruth Stewart tomorrow, thought I'd catch up with a few other things from the weekend.

First of all, I received this information from Marilyn A.  in Calgary who is also an associate member of M.E.E.

Unfortunately, the Edmonton Doll Club doesn't have a bus going to the Calgary Show this year so don't know if I'll make it. I did get some great miniatures at their sale last year.

As I've mentioned earlier, I volunteer with the St. Albert Public Library's STARFest (St. Albert Readers' Festival). The bulk of the festival is in October but we occasionally have authors come under that umbrella throughout the year. Friday night Terry Fallis was interviewed by Marty Chan.
What a wonderful, incredibly funny evening it was!  

If you're a reader, you might want to check with your local library and see if they do something similar. Can't speak for the others but here you get to listen to the author for an hour or so (including an audience Q&A), then meet with him/her and get your copy of the author's book signed. In the case of SAPL, the cost of attending in the library is $5.00 - and we supply snacks and beverages, including wine. 

Since Joanne got me involved with this, I've met some wonderful authors and just had a great time!

Ruth Stewart Weekend: Thanks to Luise M-J, we were able to leave a bit early and I got home just as Ruth Stewart was ringing my suite for entry to the condo. Wonderful timing! I'll tell you all about our great weekend in my next post.

Junior Men's Curling World Championship in Denmark: My great-nephew, Matt Dunstone's rink won bronze for Canada! So proud of him and the guys on his team! I do want to give a shout-out to Kyle Doering (second) and Wade Forth (fifth) and my BIL, Fred Pohr (Matt's grand-dad) for their part in this. They were terrific!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

new bathroom mini

What a great gift!

On Wednesday afternoon, at Coffee Club, I asked members to take the tables from that meeting room to the room below for the weekend classes with Ruth. As we were doing that, Gerry told me about this shadow box that was going to the Put and Take...and did I want it? Well, of course, I did.

He dropped it off at my door and I hung it in my second bathroom.
He was concerned that it was a bit rough around the edges but I like it - and I could fix that if I wanted to.

island top and kitchen layout

With the original top off the island, I used it as a pattern to make a larger faux marble top from matboard that Sandra gave me.

New top

Used a push pin to mark where the spindles go

Placed in position

Found the last two stools from Dollarama in my stash.
Still have to put the doors back on the island and glue the top on. And paint the stools - probably the dark grey with red seats.

Took the room to Stitch and Bitch last night and got some input on how to arrange the pieces and this is what we ended up with. Like this arrangement as it give me a good space in the right hand corner for a broom closet and/or pantry.

Have to put doors back on the corner cabinet and put drawer pulls back on the drawers, make a sink and put in marble counters. Once that's done, I can add the backsplash then install the upper cupboards.

I have a Board meeting tonight then have to work on preparing Ruth's arrival on Friday and classes on the weekend so I don't think I'll be getting much of anything done on this until next week.

Monday, March 7, 2016


Got a good amount of work done today.

Gave all the cabinets (except the upper corner one) a second coat of paint.

Then gave them all a finishing coat of flat varnish.

Scraped off the paint that had bubbled on the dishwasher and gave it a first coat of silver nail polish.

This stove was in  my  stash. Took off the burners, then scraped off the glue.

Painted the top of the stove with a black marker (will add a top coat of clear nail polish). Then painted the front, sides, rack and door with silver nail polish.. The back of the rack and the oven door still have to be painted then I have to redrill one side of the door (the hole on that side is in the wrong position) so it can be pinned in place. Think I'll also put a long handle on the door to match the dishwasher.

Have to put the doors in place and glue the tops back on some of the cabinets.

Then I can figure out where things go in the room and cut the counter tops.

It's coming along.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

More excuses LOL

On Thursday, received a small package from Cheryl H. with the sea glass to complete Grahame's beach along with teensy shells and some driftwood. So I should glue those in place and declare that finished.

Speaking of Shirley and Grahame, their dear border collie, Kiwi, went to the Rainbow Bridge this morning. So sad.

It's amazing how much I can find to do when I can't seem to get working on my miniatures.

I belong to Bookbub and generally get three or four free books a week - and the only thing I like more than minis is reading. Most of the books are shorter ones (200-300 pages) so it's SO easy to tell myself "it's just a quick read - I'll get everything else done later".

On Wednesday, Shirley, Mom and I went to Costco to stock up.

On Thursday, Joanne and I had tickets to Alice Through the Looking Glass at the Citadel. She's been unwell with a bad sinus infection and hadn't seen each other for awhile so we first checked out the new Dollarama at the bottom of the hill (good selection, clean, wide aisles - and close!) then had dinner at Swiss Chalet before the play.

My provincial ID card expires on March 27 (day I leave for Peterborough) so had to renew it on Friday. Delivery is supposed to be 7 - 14 business days so it better be here by then or I'm in BIG trouble!

Spent most of today tidying up and answering emails so I guess I've run out of excuses not to work on the miniature kitchen. Have to get it done (or at least furnished) as Ruth Stewart arrives here on Friday for the two cake workshops she is teaching on Saturday and Sunday.

Enough procrastination! Two more emails to reply to then it's time to mini!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Couple of blogs that I like/NEW show and sale

There are so many wonderful blogs out there:

Of the popular, well-known ones, Kris Compas's is one of the best for her incredible use of matboard and paper; and Joanne's Minis for her regular tutorials (also available on youtube). Another favourite is Joanne Swanson's blog. This hasn't been updated since 2014 but it's still an invaluable resource.

There are a couple Canadian blogs that I like very much.

One is Marijke's  Pulcinella's Cellar. Marijke makes some of the finest, most detailed miniatures that are true to period. In her most recent blog posts, she has been working for days on ONE St. John's Wort plant! Her plants are exquisite and her buildings and scenes  are beautifully to period.

Marilyn D. is newer to miniatures but is very skilled and has a  great way with words.

Both these women are members of F.A.M.E. (Fredricton  Area Miniature Enthusiasts), a fairly new addition to our wonderful group of miniature enthusiasts that has taken on the huge responsibility of a Show and Sale in October 2016.

If you're in New Brunswick, this might be a group for you. If you're in the Maritimes, perhaps you may want to take part in their show and sale.