Thursday, February 18, 2016

Bit more accomplished (or at least figured out)

Although Grahame was originally a Kiwi, I think in the upper right hand corner, I'll put a Canadian flag and a New Zealand flag. The ones I printed out are 1" x 2" and I think I'll have to make them a bit smaller. New Zealand is in the process of choosing a new flag but this is the one he grew up under so I'll go with it.

Here you can see the addition of the third shelf with the basket of netting, the telescope and a brass lantern.

Still puzzling how to do the bottom of this section. I've already put some sand-coloured paper in there and I have some fine railroad sand that Grahame gave me when he took down his miniature railroad. Think maybe some sand with seashells, maybe the sea glass, on the left and a pile of driftwood with a seagull on the right.

Might put the basket of netting on the driftwood and put some of the larger seashells on the shelf, along with the crab - and maybe the ship's wheel.

Have several seagulls that I'm still pondering.

HINT: The molding that I used for the shelves was RL molding and the wood was hard! I tried cutting it with my X-Acto box and saw but that just didn't work. So I got out my jig saw. I propped up the angle with a Lego piece so I had an even surface to cut. I started my cut on the small side of the molding and put a piece of painter's tape along the long side so the wood wouldn't splinter as the blade went through.

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