Saturday, November 7, 2015

Some neat Trash to Treasure ideas

I absolutely love this idea for fridge door shelves! Or they would even work well for a shower shelf for shampoo, etc. It's something that I think makes a fridge more realistic! These are made from the caps of disposable razors!

The problem is finding the right disposable razor that has the right cap. Most of them these days are slide from the side caps (which definitely don't work). These particular ones are from the Laser Easy 3 razors shown below that I bought at Dollarama. Of an entire display, these were the only ones which would work.


This is not a new idea but I had forgotten about it until Marianne Coljin from the Netherlands posted it on Facebook.

Bought 12 of these for $1.00 at Dollarama. These particular ones are 7/8" in diameter so just under an foot in RL. On the right you can see where I have just twisted the hook off two of them.

And here I have used a push pin into the bottom of the suction cup to hold it while I painted it.
Here with red nail polish

and here with Delta Ceramcoat with sparkle glaze. Looks white here

And here is how it looks when the glaze has dried.
What great possibilities! Fill it with fruit for a great fruit bowl! Fill one with Christmas ornaments for a table centrepiece. Or, as Marianne did, put a fat candle in the centre and surround it with other decorations.

Or, I suppose, you could even use one painted to match your china for a serving dish for mashed potatoes made of spackle!

Love this!

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