Thursday, November 12, 2015

Remembrance Day

Lest we forget!

Can't find the picture of my maternal great-grandfather who served with the British Army in India, South Africa (Boer War) and WWI.

My grandfather, Charlie Mould, WWI

Newspaper clipping about my grandma Mould: Husband, daughter, three sons and one son-in-law serving during WWII.
My Dad and Uncle Les served on the Connery side of the family as did uncles by marriage on both sides.

We were so blessed that all of them returned.

Few families were that lucky.

At 92, Mom is the only surviving veteran.

Carol collected our poppies and will put them on Dad's grave in Waterhole Cemetery when she returns home from Arizona.

Three of the four daughters and two of the three SILs spent the afternoon with Mom today. Then we had a wonderful evening together at Shirley and Grahame's.

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