Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Whole new direction - RL

As I posted on Wednesday, this place was a MESS!!!! So, regardless of all the other RL demands on my life at this time (STARFest, Condo Board and the Show and Sale this coming weekend), I decided that it was definitely time to do some major cleaning and re-organizing. Got my bedroom, one bathroom and the storage/laundry room done then tackled the living room.

And here it is!

I gave my friend/fellow miniaturist, Jillian, three shelves of miniature magazines. That, and moving some of the miniature displays into the shelves in my workroom, emptied one entire bookshelf that I was able to give away.

Vern's urn, his angels, and pictures that were on the mantle of the fireplace were moved to the right hand corner cabinet. The TV stand that was formerly in front of the fireplace was sent to the "put and take" and the TV was moved to the mantle.
 The Inuit art that was above the couch was moved to above the loveseat and this picture was added.
My friend and neighbour, Rosemary, gave me the curio cabinet (behind the lamp) which contains the miniatures moved from the corner cabinet that now contains the items that are Vern's memorial.

Now, I have to tackle the dining room and the workroom....but I'm feeling good about things so far.

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