Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Three Bears' House

One of the eave pieces was lost so after consideration, I decided to just replace two of them:

I needed an piece with a sink. Sorry, I got so involved in making it, that I forgot to take pictures :-(
This is the top of that piece: I traced the butter tub in place then sketched the smaller hole for the tub. I started cutting around the inner circle but since it's hard to cut a circle with a knife, I cut through a bit then cut out the centre (as below) and nibbled away at the rest of it. (Quite honestly, the hole still wasn't bit enough so I filed it out to size.)

Finished the sink piece, put the 'sink' in, added the pump, then glued a piece of ribbon in the front.

Joanne, bless her heart, gave me this stove/heater. It had feet but (1) they weren't quite even and (2) it was too high, so I removed them. The kettle is by Chrysnbon and is from my stash.
Here is the lower floor of the house:

And here is the sleeping area!

Still have to make the bedding but it's almost done!

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