Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Saturday pre-show workshop

Sorry I didn't get around to posting yesterday. Took the day off from everything to rest from the weekend. Then last night had some bad family illness news about DS Sean's father-in-law, one of the best men I know. And today had more bad reports - a cousin with a very bad cancer diagnosis and DS Marie's father-in-law being flown out today or tomorrow for an angioplasty. Hard things to deal with...especially in a cluster like that.

When I posted Sunday night after the show, I had totally forgotten about the workshop that Linda and Bev from Another World Miniatures taught here on Saturday.

This is the prototype.

These are just random pictures from the workshop. That is real wine in the bottles and resin in the glasses.

Inger and Holly in the forefront and Bev in the background.

Tina, Loretta (visiting from Wisconsin), Lucille, Jillian and Joanne.

Lucille's 1:48 barber shop.
Workshop participants had lunch around noon and were finished and cleaned up by 1:30. Then Trineke and (new MEE member) Bev stopped by my place for awhile to see my displays and workroom.
A gift from Theresa.
Joanne picked me up at 4 and we packed up and headed off to the hotel. Had dinner with club members and dealers then off to bed.

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