Thursday, September 24, 2015

And now....what I bought!

Showed great restraint this year! Only spent about $30! Maybe there is something to be said for downsizing. LOL

About 2 yards of 6" wide finely pleated lace (for $1.00)

Think these beads will make wonderful lamp shades ($1.00)

Moveable Miniatures glue. Bought Luba's 2nd last bottle. ($5) Love this stuff!

Two very fine blades from Linda Austin. ($2). The blade on the right is covered with aluminium foil.

Five pieces of oak cove moulding from Alex at Victoria Miniland. ($8.50)

Stove from Irene ($3)

Can never have too many Chrysnbon chairs. LOL

Christmas basket from Sylvia (0.25); Christmas tree from Sherrill ($3.) ; rabbit from Alex  ($5.80) and the gift from Barbara by Janice Crawley.

The rabbit will be repainted and given to DD Leanne. Love this piece by Janice Crawley. Have a two possible places to put her.
You may remember this chandelier from last spring. It was a kit by Phyllis Tucker that I was so frustrated with. Hoanie from Live a Little Miniatures (a club member and dealer at the Show and Sale) took pity on me and assembled it for me. Didn't she do a beautiful job? I still have to add the candles to it and decide where to put it. Thanks, Hoanie!  


  1. Muy buenas y bonitas compras!!! La lámpara es genial!!!

    1. Gracias , Pilar . Tengo muchas ganas de utilizar las cosas que compré .... y la lámpara que Hoanie terminó para mí. Abrazos, Maureen