Thursday, September 24, 2015

A new little project

A neighbour has asked a couple times if I would make a Christmas scene for a friend of hers. I've been hesitating but when I was reorganizing my living room, I came across a lovely little vignette that I had received from Lorry in a club Christmas gift exchange. It gave me a starting point so I decided to go ahead.

First, a Chrysnbon chair: I coloured it with a permanent black marker:

Then put it together.

Next, I had to find a container for it. Almost everything I tried wasn't deep enough until I came across this hollow 'book' that I had picked up at Winners some time ago. It will work well and can be closed to keep out dust.

Have a start on it. Still have to do some sort of wall treatment and hang some garland and a wreath. And dig out all the leftovers from the Christmas shop to add some interest.

All that will have to wait until the weekend as Joanne and I are going to a play at the Citadel tonight then will be at Leo Nickerson Elementary School tomorrow for Alberta Art Days.


  1. La silla es preciosa y esa escena en el libro hueco tan navideña,va a quedar preciosa!!!!

    1. Gracias , Pilar . Estoy deseando ver cómo resulta . abrazos