Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Day of "Warm Fuzzies"

From the Urban Dictionary:

The warm, pleasant sensations one feels in the stomach and heart area when emotionally moved by an act of goodwill or love.
I have always found the day of our Miniature Show and Sale to be filled with warm fuzzies: even before I was involved in the actually running of the show and sale. You meet people (dealers and customers) over the years and it's great! Some you see often and others you see only once a year.
What a joy today was! I greet dealers after not seeing many of them for a year. 
Alex and Sigal of Victoria Miniland who have made the transition from brick and mortar shop to online (two of our favourite people); Janice Crawley, IGMA Fellow, who does the most incredible porcelain pieces and celebrated a birthday last week. Janice actually looks younger every year!
Irene Skulmoski from Medicine Hat joined us for the first time.Great stuff in 1:12 and 1:48. Judy Mitchell of St. Albert was back as usual. Can't begin to describe all the wonderful and different things she brings to us! 
Hoanie Yong (Live a Little Miniatures) is best know for her incredible Swarozvski chrystal chandeliers but she also offers a lot of other small items, including Christmas pieces. (Hoanie's daughter volunteered to help out with security and other things.)
What a joy to see Ms Mini, Sherrill Bedu and her husband Mike! They've had an incredibly hard year dealing with Sherrill's cancer. Sherrill had beautiful 1:12 costumed dolls and jewellery and lovely 1:48 items.

Bob Francis was there with his own table of, mostly, 1:48 items as well as representing NAME. Sylvia Pirnak was cleaning out her stash to our benefit. And our own Rosalle Pinske had all her wonderful crochet work, especially her angels which are great as tree toppers or table pieces.

Val Corraine from Calgary had wonderful dolls in crocheted outfits and other 1:12 items. Sherri MacRaild, also from Calgary, and a new IGMA artisan had the most incredibly beautiful items. She had some Noah's Arks that she had carved from wood that her father had given her from a boat he had made when she was a teenager and named for her.

Bev and Linda from Another World Miniatures (who taught our club workshop on Saturday) carry an extensive line of miniatures, fabric and findings.

Gwen Rice from Gibbons was new to our show with her fairy gardens with living plants. Club member Barb S. (Bits by Barb) had her own flowers, kits and the beautiful German laser cut kits.

Tina MacDonald, former president of MEE, had her own basketry, tableware, tons of fabric, wallpaper and carpets in 1:48.

Brenda Demone (Linda Austin's sister)  had her incredible pottery in both 1:12 and 1:48 plus wearable lockets (different on each side) both complete and the kits.

Linda Austin had many tools to make miniaturing easier plus lots of clearance items available.

And Luba Barnes had almost everything you could want: furniture, wallpaper, accessories, handmade items, tools, and a wonderful supply of old magazines and books.

It was a great sale! With a joy of dealers!

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