Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Serendipity! Definitely Non-Mini

Sean, Julie, Jonah and Holly spent two days at Waterton National Park on their way here. There had been bear warnings in the Park so Jonah was quite concerned when they set out on their hike and asked his parents if a warden would be there. They reassured him that, yes, a warden would be there.

As they continued, they did, in fact, run into a warden. He was on a walk during his lunch hour. They talked for awhile and Julie asked if he had been there in 1991. He had so Julie asked about the accident. He joined the park service three months later but knew all the people involved but he was the last of the park rangers who knew what had happened. All the others had since retired.

From the newspaper clippings:
In March, 1991 (Spring Break), DS Sean and five of his friends (all Royal Canadian Air Cadets Squadron 533 St. Albert) had gone camping at Waterton. 

Three of the young men witnessed a pickup truck leaving the road and dropping over a 400 foot drop. The other three at their campsite hadn't even heard the noise. While Ian Glas flagged a ride to notify authorities at Waterton townsite, the other five took their first aid kits down to where the truck had landed upside down.

The first victim was lying dead in the water but two had been thrown from the truck. 

Sean: "All our leadership and first aid training came together. We had had practical exercises but it all paid off when we saw how the six of us worked together and how well we diagnosed the injuries and knew what to do."

The group calmly stabilized the two survivors, staunched their bleeding and kept them warm. One died later although Sel and Sean managed to keep his air passage of blood for the 45 minutes until help arrived. The second young man survived, although paralyzed.

Our dear Jonah is standing there, totally blown away by all this information! He had had no idea that his Dad was a hero!

So when Sean was telling me about this experience, Jonah asked if I had anything about the story, I dug through two binders I had of miscellaneous clippings, etc., (including report cards! LOL) and at the end of the second binder, sure enough, there were two copies of newspaper articles and two of the awards they had received. So I copied them for him. That is one very proud young man.

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